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Bet Online Poker Presents: Poker Bonus

November 5, 2014
bet online poker bonus

Poker bonus

Free deposit bonuses are what everyone recalls first when online poker is mentioned, but not many people know the actual difference between various bonus types. Many online poker rooms stipulate that the players are already familiar with the definition, but this usually isn’t the case, especially when it comes to poker rookies. Therefore, Bet Online Poker will hereby explain in detail all poker bonus types.

No deposit poker bonus

Firstly, there are the so-called no deposit poker bonuses. As the name suggests, it is free money that may be invested or withdrawn. One may play virtual poker with real and virtual money to begin with. No deposit poker bonus will provide you with real money, and you won’t be requested to make a deposit to get it. For example, when you sign up at an online poker room providing a no deposit poker bonus, your account will be loaded with $5. Whatever you want to do with that money is okay: you may invest it or – withdraw it. If you invest it and win, the free bonus is still yours to keep.

Deposit poker bonus

Another type of free bonuses are deposit poker bonuses. As the name would suggest, the player is require to make a deposit in order to get the bonus. Moreover, there are some restrictions when it comes to money withdrawal policy. For example, the player might be allowed to withdraw the maximum of $100 after fulfilling the requirements. The requirements are related to casino caps, so make sure to read terms and conditions in order to avoid letdowns. Not all online casinos have a cap, but the majority will require from the players to deposit a token amount first.

Free money?

Still, you might be wondering why online poker rooms offer free money at all. As ever, psychology is the key here. Once free money is mentioned, people will swarm to get it. Classic marketing trick, that, but not by any means harmful. Secondly, most people are reluctant to make online deposits, because the either fear that they might lose more than they can afford to lose or because they are afraid of phishing. The latter is nowadays not to be feared. Namely, all bet online poker rooms use safe technologies that guarantee privacy to all the gamblers. Free deposit bonuses are in place to make people more comfortable.

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